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Meet the Owner

My name is LeeAnna Lathrop. I was born and raised in Mountain Home, Idaho. My love of dogs, and all animals, came from a lifetime of having them in my world.I have taken care of them and loved them as family members for as long as I can remember.

Regardless of breed and age, they are all unique and they always teach me as much as I teach them. My life is full as long as I am surrounded with them. 

It wasn't until I inherited a beautiful young black lab named Daisy that I learned that working with dogs as a career field was an option. When Daisy moved in with me and my two dogs at the time, she challenged all of us regularly. This is what prompted my desire to learn everything I could about dogs. I took professional classes, read everything I could get my hands on and did anything I could to help me work with them. 

I practiced training techniques with Daisy and my other dogs and realized that this is what I love doing. The more Daisy and my other dogs learned, the more wonderful our lives together became. In 2012, Daisy was adopted by an active young family that wanted a dog that would be able to get along with their other pets and go running with them. As much as I love her, I knew she was the right dog for them. I've been told that they can't believe that Daisy was ever a challenge. She is one of the best behaved dogs these people have had. That made me extremely proud of what I accomplished. I began to study even more. I got a Dog Trainer certificate from Penn Foster. Soon after, I found the Canine Club Academy. I was so excited about having a tutor to work one-on-one with and to learn even more about dogs, training dogs, and setting goals to have my own business. 

I can't imagine a more perfect life than one filled with dogs and other pets every day.


Certified Trainer

I am proud to be a Certified Dog Trainer.

As a graduate of the widely respected Canine Club Academy, I have a broad understanding of dog psychology, obedience training, and behavior modification.

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